The core of Encima Digital Solutions is the setup and maintenance of digital technology platforms. We use an intentional, streamlined approach to stay focused on key business questions and reduce data redundancy. Here’s how we do it.



When you tag everything, you learn nothing. Encima’s advanced tag management capabilities is a powerful tool to give you enterprise–wide visibility on where tags exist and how they function, as well as the ability to eliminate problem tags, incompatibilities and over-tagging. Benefits include:

  • Swift turnaround for third-party tracking requests
  • The agility to add, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags without extra site updates and QA processes
  • Standardized data collection and third-party sharing through data libraries with improved ability to manage privacy concerns
  • Reduced risk of user behavioral data leakage, in which ad and social networks gather data outside of campaigns or beyond what is expected
  • Isolation of the creative site code from all third-party tracking needs, including analytics tracking, while preserving site performance

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