The core of Encima Digital Solutions is the setup and maintenance of digital technology platforms. We use an intentional, streamlined approach to stay focused on key business questions and reduce data redundancy. Here’s how we do it.



Before we can install a trustworthy analytics platform, first we need to know what has gone awry with the system you’re using now.

Encima Digital Solutions performs Site Analytics and Tagging Assessments to gain baseline insights into your website’s current analytics and tag management implementation.

This allows us to identify and solve:

  • data stewardship issues, such as ad server security problems
  • analytics and engagement tracking issues, such as web form interaction problems
  • user experience issues, such as JavaScript errors that impede the user’s experience
  • digital marketing issues, such as search engine optimization (SEO) errors



We start with discovery. Our first step is to conduct a workshop in order to solicit stakeholders’ input as it relates to web analytics and tag management platform setup. We interview all stakeholders and decision makers to understand what is important to them and what their vision of success looks like. As a result, the platform we setup is tightly focused on your most important KPIs.

We develop measurement requirements which direct the engineering team to successfully set up the platform. Once we enter the QA phase of our digital technology implementation process, we work with cross-team partners to ensure that the site is in perfect working order when it goes live.



You wouldn’t drive your car if your oil change were a year overdue, but we often see companies running analytics platforms that have gone that long without maintenance.

It’s absolutely critical to keep the platform updated to address any changes in data collection. We monitor your analytics to ensure necessary updates have been made and data’s being collected correctly.

As a result, you’ll see:

  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of your data
  • Swift error correction
  • Cost savings from monitoring analytics tool usage volume and avoiding data overage fees

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