The Encima Group Code of Conduct

INNOVATE: We always look for new and better ways to do things

LEAD: We take the initiative and make things happen

KNOW: We understand our client’s businesses inside and out

LEARN: We master technology, now and through every advance

CREATE: We create robust solutions built on a strong foundation of experience

THINK: We combine creativity and logical thought for out-of-the-box solutions

ASK: We never lose our intellectual curiosity

KEEP OUR WORD: We always deliver what we promise

The Encima Attitude

  • There is always a solution
  • We don’t believe in no or can’t
  • Our focus is on achieving the desired result

We recognize the pressures facing our clients today, which are often amplified in the situations that call for Encima expertise. To make a difference in this type of environment, to be true game changers for our clients, each of us at Encima are committed to this set of client service principles:


  • Always and unswervingly pursue client success
  • Identify the problem and get results
  • Always give our best, unbiased advice
  • Stay attuned to what the client is trying to achieve
  • Process is not more important than results
  • Make it easy for clients to do business with us
  • Always provide solutions to client requests

“Above all else, we value integrity and quality.”

The high quality of the teams of consultants we field for our clients is also at the core of who we are. We consider it a privilege and a great act of trust to be invited into our client organizations to offer guidance and expertise. Therefore we make certain that we only bring people on board who have credentials and proven professionalism which are far superior to others in our field.

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