Need Help Navigating the Digital Marketing and Technology Landscape?

We’ll take a critical look at your strategy to ensure you stay on top of latest digital trends

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We are Analytics Platform Agnostic

Our highly skilled team of engineers are fluent in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics), WebTrends, Piwik and more.

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Curious as to the Health and Accuracy of your Digital Data?

Our SATA Solution (site analytics and tagging assessment) can help.

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Unleash the Power of Tag Managers

Tag Managers are powerful tools that create cost and time efficiencies for your digital marketing and site analytics needs. Be agile and create a unified approach to tag management.

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Do you have the Foundation for Accurately Tracking your Digital Media?

Do you have process and conventions in place for how you manage your paid media tracking across vendors? If not, we can help you generate efficiencies.

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Our skilled navigators help you steer through the ever-shifting ocean of digital marketing and digital technology.




We provide the critical implementation and management services to ensure success for your website and mobile applications.




Get an accurate picture of how your digital media efforts are working with engagement and conversion tracking.



The problem with web analytics is that you can have all of the data and still have none of the answers. Your analytics might attribute sales to your display campaign, but is that really what’s driving conversions? Your analytics might tell you that registrations are on the upswing, but you’re left wondering why.

We fix faulty analytics platforms and deliver insights you can trust. Encima Digital Solutions are customer-centric digital analytics implementations and management guided by proven, enterprise-focused process and standards. We foster cross-team collaboration to provide guidance on measurement opportunities, insight generation and new technological advances in the digital marketing space.