Customer experience, like culture itself, is a product of all the interactions between the customer and a brand or company, over time. From the earliest stages of awareness and attraction, through conversion and retention, this experience can be either managed or left to drift. Companies that are serious about acquiring and retaining customers will actively manage all of the customer touchpoints, driving engagement and advocacy to maximize the lifetime value of the customer.




The right tone matters. Ensure your prospects and customers hear a voice they recognize, in all your communications. CX’s unified platform provides a single, consistent voice to all your marketing output.



Everyone has a favorite channel and knowing your customer’s preferences is critical to reaching them and keeping them. With CX’s preference management capabilities, you’ll reach your customers when and where they prefer.



Creating brand advocates should be a goal for every marketer. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a proven way to measure who is a detractor and who is a promoter. Encima CX’s add-on NPS services will help you measure how your marketing is driving promoters of your brand.

Why Does Customer Engagement Matter?

To turn prospects into loyal customers and then into vocal advocates takes more than just campaigns. It takes engagement. That means speaking to their personal needs and preferences, with knowledge of their previous behaviors. Treating them consistently across all touchpoints.

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