Breaking Free of Abused Analytics Jargon

Analytics jargon, lingo, and terminology has been skewed over the years. I’m not able to put my finger on when this started to occur or the root cause, but terminology has drifted away from the true meaning of words and phrases to something I find very misleading and potentially dangerous to those that consume analytic services. Here are my top 5 offenders:

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What’s The Difference Between Viewthrough and Viewability?

by Domenico Tassone

In case you haven’t noticed, digital marketing performance is more important than ever. With advertiser’s increasing need for accountability and measurement tools evolving to meet that need, there is major and growing interest in associated ad analytics or adverlytics. More specifically, display viewability measurement and attribution are hot topics. Yet, before the explosion in ad viewability technologies and an enthusiastic trade group response to standardize, viewthrough remains complicated and mysterious.

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One Small Step For Insights, One Giant Leap For Customer-Centricity

Have you heard the story about the healthcare company that transformed their organization and experienced double-digit growth based on just ONE insight?

Yes, and that one insight, which took the company by surprise, was embraced and actualized throughout the entire organization and led to an enormous “leap” in financial returns but most importantly, improved customer experience.

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Back To Basics

Change. It’s a function of time. Just like you can’t stop time, you also can’t stop change. Often times change is for the better. The world of marketing operations has certainly seen its fair share of change over the years. Or has it?

During my first internship, in the dark ages, at the Hearst Newspaper in Houston, my boss gave me an assignment for the summer. He said, we are thinking of increasing our monthly price and could use a new perspective: 1) come up with the new price that would provide optimum return; 2) determine the price impact on certain segments of subscribers; 3) how to retain customers and generate new sales; 4) how to reward “best” customers; 5) encourage more customers to follow the path of “best” customers. More on why this is relevant in a minute.

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4 Steps For Improved Agency Partner Relations

Cognitive dissonance: mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values

You, as a brand marketer, operate in an extremely complex environment where both time and money are often in short supply. To help increase the hours in a given day, brand managers often rely on various agency partners to help in program and tactical delivery.

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In-Campaign Marketing Analytics: The Space Between

Pharma-land has common analytic capabilities that surround commercial needs (sales contribution, forecasting, sales force planning, formulary, market access, etc.) as well as market research (awareness studies, messaging research, customer life cycle mapping, etc.), but often leave a vacant, or marginally filled, space between those capabilities in regards to in-campaign marketing performance. This area is frequently referred to as Multichannel Marketing (MCM) Analytics.

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8 Disconnects That Are Killing Your Strategy (Part I)

I had been waiting for this moment. It was my junior year in college and I was finally able to drive my Jeep at school and, most importantly, bounce around a rocky and hilly area around my campus. My friends and I were having a great time “conquering” the big rocks when suddenly, my Jeep stopped running.

I couldn’t start it up, so we called for help, had it towed, and miserably went back to our dorms. A couple of days later, the mechanic called with the news: my Jeep was fine, it was just that the positive power cable somehow was disconnected from the battery.


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Four Digital Analytics Imperatives Post Mobilegeddon

It’s been almost a month since ‘Mobilegeddon’ was released upon us and the media frenzy has certainly died down, but for the digital marketer, now is the time to act. In case you missed it, on April 21st, Google released an update to their search algorithm which now... read more