How a cost effective Tag Management System saves time and money.

The Situation


Client understood the value of a tag management system (TMS) and selected a vendor prior to engaging with Encima Digital Solutions.  However selected TMS had significant product related issues that hindered the use of the client’s analytics platform (Adobe Analytics). This resulted in the client’s analytics team not being able to derive actionable insights from web data.

The Approach


Encima compared the selected TMS platform against other tools in the marketplace and made a strategic recommendation to shift to a platform that not only exceeded the business requirements, but also did not have integration issues with the existing analytics platform.

The Outcome


Post implementation of the new TMS, the client saw reduced cost of ownership as well as quicker turnaround of update requests.

  • New TMS reduced annual license costs by 50%
  • Update requests to existing tags or requests for new tags were completed ten times faster with the new platform

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