Headquartered in Delaware, Encima takes pride in supporting local businesses and the Delaware community.  In mid-November, along with JP Morgan Chase,  Encima sponsored Delaware Innovation Week’s Media track: The Future of Digital Marketing.  Delaware Innovation Week is a week long celebration of technology and innovation within The First State.  With tracks focusing on start-up businesses, digital marketing, emerging technology and programming, the events highlight the great things happening in Delaware along with many ways for people and organizations to get involved.

Encima not only sponsored The Future of Digital Marketing track but also presented Stop Wasting Over Half Of Your Digital Ad Spend during the conference.  President and CEO David Clunes spoke along side Rick Rood, Director of Digital Capabilities Market Development about the importance of viewability and why it is a metric critical to the success of anyone who spends money on digital display media.  Many in the audience were surprised that over half of digital display ads are never seen by an end user and were impressed by the process Encima used to improve one client’s viewability rate to 80% from 40%.

A big thank you to the Technical.ly team for hosting the event and to all those who attended The Future of Digital Marketing day of presentations.  Encima looks forward to next year’s event and is eager to participate yet again.