The Encima Group has long prided itself on providing exceptional support to meet the ever changing and challenging needs of our clients. To further bolster this capability, Encima is excited to announce the expansion to Chennai, India to take advantage of world class global expertise.

Through this expansion, Encima will leverage expertise in areas of digital innovation, advanced analytics, big data, data visualization and even marketing automation all in order to deliver a better customer experience. Following in the footsteps of many Fortune 500 companies, Encima is expanding internationally not only to be closer to international clients, but to enable delivery of client solutions faster and in a more cost effective model.

Commenting on this expansion, Encima’s Chief Marketer Officer, Vladimir Castillo said “With our expanded offshore capabilities, The Encima Group will offer greater and flexible end-to-end analytical delivery options to our clients to better meet their needs in an ever-evolving market.”